Come to know and enjoy our Wine Spa, a unique experience in an incomparable environment.

You will be able to discover the wine making during the circuit, as if you were inside the winery, since we want you to feel immersed in a unique space.

The circuit consists of:

Wine SPA
Wine SPA

Heated pool

Our spa has a heated water pool that allows you to relax with its neck and leg jets and in the jacuzzi. Our jacuzzi allows you to enjoy a hydromassage session either on its perimeter bench or in the submerged hammocks. Relax your muscles and enjoy a pleasure for your senses.The jets and waterfalls act by relieving muscle tension thanks to the pressure of the water and stimulate blood circulation. Depending on the area in which they impact on various organs, such as the jets on the legs, they act on organs such as the bladder and intestine. In the chest and back they affect the lungs, heart or even the liver.

Wine SPA Sauna


It offers numerous benefits in our health, some of these are: it stimulates and improves blood circulation, cleaning the skin thanks to the elimination of toxins, through sweating and elimination of cellulite. It gathers a temperature of 80 degrees.

Wine SPA

Steam bath

It offers benefits in metabolic functions as it increases respiration and heart rate. It is less stressful and more relaxing than the sauna. It is used as a way to relax and is also offered as a therapy to improve many diseases and stimulate the body. The temperature is less than in the sauna but the humidity level is higher.

Wine SPA

Winter season

It consists of the thermal impact of heat therapies, to revitalize body and mind. Ice will be created to lower body temperature, accelerating blood flow, eliminating toxins, profusely oxygenating tissues, and promoting muscle toning. Recommended for use after the sauna or Turkish bath due to its thermal contrast action of dilation and vasocontraction.

Wine SPA

Sprayed shower

Cold water shower sprayed by a large central sprayed rain effect open shower.

Wine SPA

Bithermal tropical shower, with contrasts or also Scottish shower

It is the best form of hydrotherapy because by constantly renewing the water that is in contact with our body, it causes the constant renewal of mechanical and thermal stimuli. It consists of alternating and sequential spraying by levels of hot and cold water, always starting with hot, with preconfigured times for professional hydrotherapy.

Wine SPA

Misted shower

Water spray effect designed to contrast hot and cold water. The water spray creates a misty environment that helps to provide a state of total relaxation. Aroma dosage (aromatherapy) and light effects (chromotherapy).

Wine SPA

Relaxation room with hot hammocks

This room has ergonomic loungers equipped with a heating system that produces a great effect on the body and generates muscle relaxation that combats contractures due to its own thermal effect.


Access to the spa will be with a swim cap, swimsuit and flip-flops. We will provide the towel at the entrance or the bathrobe if you are staying with us for your comfort.
Approximate duration of the circuit:
1 hour and a half

- Adult: 25 € per person
- Children: 15 € per child
*The children's timetable (between 4 and 12 years old) will be from 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

If you are an spa lover, we have two options for you to come and enjoy our facilities as many times as you want:
10 BATHROOMS PASS: valid any day of the week 225 €
10 BATHROOMS PASS: valid from Sunday to Thursday 200 €
* The passes are for one person only.

We also offer the option of enjoying ous spa privately with your couple.
: 150 € for two people
The price includes 90 minutes, in which you can enjoy the spa with your couple, a bottle of champagne J. Telmont and some fruit

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